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Saints' Vilma Files Lawsuit On NFL Commish Over Bounty-Gate

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New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was suspended by the NFL for his role in the team's "Bounty-Gate" scandal. The suspension handed down to him by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell calls for Vilma to miss the entire 2012-13 season.

Vilma responded witha shot across the bow of the league's front office, filing a lawsuit against Goodell for "defamation of character." Most people expected Vilma to take some action to lessen or eliminate his punishment, but the lawsuit comes as a surprise. SB Nation has all the details on this story which broke earlier this afternoon and is updating this story as more details emerge. Head on over there to keep abreast of all the breaking news on this and every other story.

With the league under scrutiny and fire with legal action as part of the player safety issue of the link between brain injuries and football-related concussions, this is just more gasoline on the fire of the players fighting back against the league's leader who has been ruling in his tenure with an iron fist.