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Former Ravens RB Ricky Williams Downplays Concussion Link

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In related stories posted on and Pro Football Talk, former NFL running back Ricky Williams doesn't buy the link between concussions and brain damage. The former New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens player took a lot of hits in his career, which led to over 10,000 rushing yards, doesn't feel it has affected him, although he is not ruling out a bit of concern for the future.

Ricky professes to taking care of his body, protecting himself by practicing yoga and other hands-on healing techniques, which he claims, "was able to peel off layers of trauma on my body."

Instead of succumbing to the paranoia of what could happen to his brain and body in the future that has risen to the forefront in light of the Dave Duerson and Junior Seau suicides, Ricky says this about what he has done to hopefully avoid this predicament:

"...I just started taking care of my body. I found people, places, and things that really helped me..."

"Things?" Really, Ricky? Did you just say that? "Things?" Hmmm,...wonder what he means....