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Ravens Home-Field Advantage

Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium
Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens went undefeated at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium in 2011, including the team's first home playoff game in the John Harbaugh & Joe Flacco-era. In fact, the Ravens are tied for the 2nd-best home record since 2009, when playing as a favorite.

According to a story in the National Football Post, only the New England Patriots have had more success defending their house than Baltimore has. However, this story by Joe Fortenbaugh was based on the team having the best home-field record playing as a favorite and also winning by the so-called point-spread.

That dropped the Ravens down to sixth place, with the justification that the Ravens seemed to play closer games than the point-spreads felt the games should have been. The Packers (21-3) took over the top spot, followed in order by the New Orleans Saints (19-5), Patriots (23-1), San Francisco 49ers (18-6), Atlanta Falcons (19-5) and then the Ravens (21-3).

Wondering what team was the last one to beat the favored Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium? Shouldn't be a tough guess. Read the story to find out who and when.