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Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

SB Nation has it all covered when it comes to sports blogs. Not only do they have blogs on virtually every major sport in the country and around the world, their 320+ sports blogs includes fantasy sports and in this case, fantasy football.

While it's still a bit early to be determining who you're going to take with your first pick in your league's fantasy draft. However, Fake Teams has you covered when the time comes and even has started ranking the positions to give you the best shot to win your league. I know I'll use them to prepare for my league's draft.

In ranking the quarterbacks, they obviously do not take into account how good or bad a specific team is, but instead focus on pure stats that make up fantasy scoring. That's why Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco gets a pretty low ranking, coming in as the 22nd most desirable fantasy football QB on their list.

Here's what they say about the justification of the low ranking:

Ray Rice is a workhorse and Baltimore wins with defense and the Delaware product isn't likely to be filling up the stat sheet. Although, Flacco does get another weapon with the signing of Jacoby Jones.

Flacco could end up being a great pick late in the draft as he has been getting the players to give him the targets he hasn't had since being drafted five years ago. If he continues to play anywhere near the way he did in the Ravens last game when he topped 300 yards and totally outplayed Tom Brady in the New England Patriots AFC Championship Game victory over the Ravens, he would probably be considered the steal of your fantasy draft.

Brady is the second highest ranked fantasy QB, behind Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and ahead of last year's rookie phenom, Carolina Panthers Cam Newton. Just ahead of Flacco in the 21st spot is Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb, who is right behind #20, St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford.

Even the unproven new QB of the Seattle Seahawks, Matt Flynn, is ranked ahead of Flacco, as is Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman, and this year's top two draft picks, Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck (#17) and Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III (#13).

Look for Flacco to keep his mistakes down while increasing his yards and touchdown passes, while many of the names in front of him throw a ton of interceptions while playing from behind, making Joe Flacco a much more valuable QB, not only on the football field, but on your fantasy football team.