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Football Outsiders: Adjusted Games Lost

The in-depth, numbers researching site, Football Outsiders, which touts itself with "Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis," came out with a story called 2011 Adjusted Games Lost. In the story, they looked at the numbers of games lost due to player's injuries last season.

They then ranked the teams from one through 32 and also compared the results to the 2010 season. The Baltimore Ravens come in as the league's least injured team in 2011, after being n the middle of the pack, ranking 15th in 2010. According to the Football Outsiders research, the Ravens adjust games lost number from last year was a league-best 18.9, compared to the league-worst St. Louis Rams, who lost over 110 games to injuries.

Interesting to notice was that the two Super Bowl teams both finished near the bottom of the list for losing the most games to injury. The New York Giants finished 26th in 2011, with78 games lost to injuries and the New England Patriots lost over 97 games to injuries, "good" for 30th out of the NFL's 32 teams.