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Playing Dirty vs. Playing Nasty

The NFL Total Access crew discussed the difference between playing "dirty" versus playing "nasty" in a video over at The video featured a bunch of player's highlights and comments on the difference between the two terms, but none featuring any specific player on the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens were shown the scrum for a fumble in a game last year with the Cincinnati Bengals, a few plays showed hit on the Ravens, including a few by the Steelers on Ravens QB Joe Flacco. One of the good points was actually made by Pittsburgh Steelers FS Ryan Clark, who said teams that previously were considered "nasty" were now, due to the rules, being given the reputation as playing "dirty."

There is a second video, where the analysts try to define the separation between "dirty" and "nasty." The best part was at the end when Charles Davis reminded Jamie Dukes that in college, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden always implored his players not to play to the whistle, but to play to the "echo of the whistle!" That's what nasty teams do.