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More Restructures To Come?

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The Ravens recently restructured the contract of right guard Marshal Yanda. This afforded them the signing of wide receiver Jacoby Jones. The team may look to do more of this in the upcoming weeks to sign other desirable players.

If they do here are some candidates to restructure.

Anquan Boldin

It would only be a one year fix but the team could choose to back load next year if they have to. Boldin is due six million a year over the next two. His cap number is just his base salary of 6 million.

Terrell Suggs

Suggs is due 4.9 million over the next two years and more after that. Maybe he could show the team some good faith after an ill timed injury and help out. His over all cap number is over 11 million.

Haloti Ngata

The big man is due some major money in the back end of his contract. Next year he makes 2.9 million in base salary and 4 million the next year but his overall cap number is almost 18 million over the next two years. Some of that money can be moved around if necessary.

On another topic yesterday was national douche day. I want to make two late nominations in Billy Cundiff and David Reed. Combined, their douchedum cost Baltimore a Super Bowl.

Thank you and God bless.