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5 Questions With Bryant McKinnie

The NFL has brought back an old series known as, "Five Questions With..." Interviewer Tiffany Orbin sat down next to Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie to ask him five questions and he seems to be having a jolly old time getting the attention from her.

He responds to the most memorable game in his career, if he saw the movie, 'The Blind Side' and what guy he's played with would make the best actor (he picked two, one from the Minnesota Vikings and one from the Ravens), how close is the offensive line and what do they like to do to bond with each other (his answer: eat!). He also is asked who has the better facial hair: Ed Reed's beard of Joe Flacco's fu-manchu.

At the end of the interview, McKinnie is asked what he would do if he wasn't playing in the NFL and he is one of many NFL players who has a music company and would like to expand on that side business once his playing days are over.