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Regurgitating The Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan Debate

An article in the National Football Post does not re-visit the debate on who is the better QB between the Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco and the Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan. However, when I see a story on the growth of Ryan and the questioning such as in that story of whether or not Matty Ice is an elite QB, one cannot help but "regurgitate" it once again.

The impetus to put up another story on this topic did not so much come from the article itself, but from the responses and comments by readers. I could not contain myself and had to chime in, drawing the ire of some fans when I posted this:

"Fans of Ravens QB Joe Flacco almost laugh now when they see they still try to compare Ryan to him. Flacco's been to two AFC Championship Games and the playoffs every season while Ryan cannot win a big game. Ha! Ravens fans would never trade "Joe Cool" for Matty Ice!"

That unleashed a torrent of comments in support of Ryan, with the typical responses, including the one below, being how the Ravens defense and the offense's running game had made Joe look better than he actually was and that anyone outside of Baltimore would gladly trade Flacco for Ryan to lead the Ravens.

"That's great for ravens fans. Its always nice to have confidence in your own players. but i would say most fans of teams NOT the ravens or Falcons would take Ryan over Flacco if they were made to choose between the two."