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NFL Point Spreads Listed For 2012 Games

A wagering site online has already posted point spreads on NFL games for the first 16 weeks of the regular season. Every game, every team, every week except for the regular season's final week when many teams rest their players are included by the new Cantor Race & Sports Book inside the Palms Hotel & Casino.

A story in the National Football Post has a link to the site, which seems to be taking a risk so early in the year to boast having odds on every NFL game in the first 16 weeks. There is always a team each season that either tanks (Philadelphia Eagles) or surprises (San Francisco 49ers) as they did last season.

The Baltimore Ravens are favorites in ten of their first 15 games, which sounds good but the Pittsburgh Steelers are favorites in eleven of the 15 games listed. In their two head-to-head match-ups, each team is favored by a field goal based on the games being held in either Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

(Read more on the point spreads for the 2012 season, including the Ravens games, after the 'Jump')

The Ravens open on prime time TV, hosting the Cincinnati Bengals and are listed by the Cantor Sports Book as a touchdown (7 points) favorite. They are underdogs (+3.5 pts.) week two on the road at the Philadelphia Eagles, and surprisingly also home underdogs (+1.5 pts.) against the defending AFC Champion New England Patriots.

Here is the list of the Ravens opponents by week in the 2012 regular season, home (vs.) or away (@) and the current point spreads, which can change as we get closer to the start and into the regular season. However, if you want to get in on these odds, jump on a plane and head to Sin City to stake your claim on these opening odds.

Week 1: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (+7) = Bengals getting 7 points

Week 2: @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) = Eagles giving 3.5 points

Week 3: vs. New EnglandPatriots (-1.5)

Week 4: vs. ClevelandBrowns (+10)

Week 5: @ Kansas City Chiefs (+3)

Week 6: vs. Dallas Cowboys (+5.5)

Week 7: @ Houston Texans (-3)

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: @ Cleveland Browns (+5.5)

Week 10: vs. Oakland Raiders (+8)

Week 11: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Week 12: @ San Diego Chargers (-1)

Week 13: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)

Week 14: @ Washington Redskins (+3.5)

Week 15: vs. Denver Broncos (+3.5)

Week 16: vs. New York Giants (+3.5)

Week 17: @ Cincinnati Bengals (not listed)

Remember, the entire first 15 games for each team is listed by clicking on the link at the beginning part of this story.