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Matt Birk On Retirement, Head Injuries

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Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk spoke with KFAN radio in Minneapolis in a story posted on Sports Radio interviews. In the interview, Birk spoke about the rumors about his retirement before he confirmed he would return to the Ravens in 2012. Birk has planned to donate his brain for study of head injury trauma and remains concerned about the effects on the head and spine from the years of pounding on his body.

"You’re definitely torn as a player. You can look at something and if you take the emotion out of it, you can say why would I do this again and put myself at risk? Obviously there’s some breakthroughs the past few years with…and it’s unfortunate because of some of the tragedies that have happened and as we start to learn more about what football does to your body and your brain and your spine."

Birk also spoke about the New Orleans Saints bounty-scandal as well as his thoughts on the Junior Seau tragedy. Matt came to the NFL out of Harvard, so he knows his stuff, has researched and followed the brain-injury issue and is an outspoken advocate on player-safety, while being aware of the fact the players love the game and accept the risks associated with it.

(Click on the link above for the entire interview and to listen to the audio portion as well)