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Former Ravens RB Jamal Lewis On Concussions


Former running back with the Baltimore Ravens, Jamal Lewis, can relate to the post-playing career issues that multiple concussions can reportedly have long after a player's career is over. Lewis spoke at length about his experiences and concern on an Atlanta radio station with accompanying story posted on Sports Radio Interviews.

In it, Lewis talked about his final concussion while playing for the Cleveland Browns and then going right back into the game. He said no one really knew about what has become a "silent killer," and now with the recent news of the deaths of former San Diego Chargers LB Junior Seau and Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson, he is legitimately concerned, as he is dealing with similar effects at times.

"Oh yeah, your memory, headaches, dizziness. Your eyes get sensitive to the light. … You’re up all night. You can’t really sleep sometimes. A lot of that is stuff that a lot of people might deal with on a regular basis, just who knows why? But at the same time, these are things that an actual NFL player actually deals with — an ex NFL player or even one that’s playing now — you deal with that all the time..."

(Click on the link above for the full interview and to hear the audio as well)