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2013 NFL Mock Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft is not even a week old and already the folks over at SB Nation have come out with their first shot at the 2013 NFL Draft. Now before you go on a rant saying how worthless this, much less the many mocks we saw over the past few months, you must admit that the key fact is that the player's names are a lot more familiar because of these mocks than they ever would have been without them.

The early part of the first round of the 2012 version pretty much destroyed everyone's projections, so what can one realistically expect from one predicted almost a year in advance and certainly before the 2012 college football season has begun? Remember, in order to do a mock draft, you first must project the order of finish before you can start matching players with the 32 NFL teams.

Seeing the Baltimore Ravens with the 25th pick in this mock draft should not sit well with you, as it doesn't make me very happy. Seeing not only the New England Patriots drafting after us is not encouraging, but seeing the Houston Texans drafting last can only mean one thing in these people's eyes and that is that they see them winning the Super Bowl.

Click on the link above to see then entire first round and get familiar with many of the names, although the positioning and teams they are projecting to go to are virtually worthless. It's interesting to read who, from where and why they see who they see the Baltimore Ravens selecting. For those too lazy to go over to their site, click on the 'Jump' to read about the Ravens pick.

25. Baltimore Ravens, Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama

It was a head scratcher for me when the Ravens passed on offensive line help. They need both a guard and a center. Enter Jones, who can play both. He played tackle last season, after working at guard the year before that. This year, he's moving to center. NFL teams will prize that kind of versatility.