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Ravens: Sleeper Draft Prospects Worth Following

Wes Bunting of The National Football Post put up a story listing some of the players in the 2012 NFL Draft that should be worth following. Other than his first player, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannenhill, most are not the most well-known prospects except to those "draft-niks" who have poured over reports and draft websites. More than a few of the guys Bunting mentions are from positions that are considered a need of the Baltimore Ravens and are worth reading about.

Bunting list a total of eleven players, and other than Tannenhill, there does not appear to be a player listed that will go in the first round of the draft. Therefore, these guys could be serious value later in the draft, especially for the Ravens in some of the positions listed. There are two quarterbacks on the list, as well as two guards, one wide receiver, one defensive tackle, three linebackers and two defensive backs.

Personally, I am intrigued by three of the players on Bunting's list: Fresno State WR Devon Wylie (5'9", 185 pounds), Miami (Ohio) OG Brandon Brooks (6'5", 343 pounds) and Boise State LB Shea McClellin (6'3", 258 pounds). The Ravens have said they need to upgrade their offensive line, and while they are planning to fill their other openings from their current roster, they have also mentioned this will be a draft for depth for the team.