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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

The dedicated crew of folks over at SB Nation are churning out Mock Drafts as fast as former NBA star Calvin Murphy produces illegitimate children (14 kids with 9 women). But we digress if we choose to follow that amazing statistic onto a whole different tangent. SB Nation's most recent Mock Draft (April 2nd) by Ryan Van Bibber still has the Indianapolis Colts taking Stanford QB Andrew Luck followed by the Washington Redskins nabbing Robert Griffin III, but then it starts to deviate slightly from the norm of what we've seen at the top part of the first round.

He still has the Baltimore Ravens taking Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler with the 29th pick of the first round and based on who was taken ahead of the Ravens spot and the fact this mock was done without any potential trades, it looks like a solid choice for the Ravens.

Here's what the story says about Baltimore's pick of Zeitler:

"The Ravens lost out on the great free agent guard shuffle of 2012, watching Ben Grubbs slip away to the Saints really hurt. With so much of their offense dependent on Ray Rice, they have to find a blue chip replacement, hence what might be a slight reach for Zeitler, who is still one of the top run blockers in this draft class."