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Ravens' Pollard Speaks His Mind

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Baltimore Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard has impressed Ravens fans since he joined the team last summer and promptly laid claim to the position next to All-Pro Ed Reed. While Reed roamed "center-field" in the secondary, Pollard stuffed the run and laid the wood to opposing ball carriers with his physical style of play. Never afraid to speak his mind, Pollard had a lot to say about the bounty scandal, the league's crackdown on violent hits and the future of the league based on the latter trends.

In a story post by Sports Radio Interviews, Pollard was on a Houston radio station and had this to say about the league's attempt to curb the hard hitting that he feels is an inevitable part of the game:

"It's getting out of hand. This is not powderpuff football, this is not flag football. This is a violent sport."

Pollard also says he plays a physical style of play and because of that, he sees no different way to play regardless of the 'bounty' issue:

"I don't care if you do a bounty or not, because me - the way I'm playing - I'm going to hit you straight in the mouth. And if you have a concussion by me hitting you in the mouth...You know what? I don't mean to."

Check out the full interview by clicking on the link above.