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Flacco Getting Flak For Bold Statments

Ever since Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco came out and said in a recent interview that he was "the best," he has been harassed more in the media than he ever was in the pocket of his offensive lane when dropping back to pass. Even is getting in on the bashing, reminding Joe that he doesn't deserve "a seat at the big-boy table of Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and the Manning brothers," adding, "That's eight rings and seven MVP trophies there, people."

In defense of the story, they do mention that had Lee Evans held onto what they called a "perfectly thrown ball late in January's AFC Championship Game," things might be a bit difference, but he didn't and it isn't. The story ends with the reminder that Flacco is "a capable quarterback of a team unable to get over the hump."

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The NFL's website follows up with another story, Ravens' Harbaugh happy Caldwell is mentoring Flacco," but despite the focus of the article, still cannot help but getting another jab at the Baltimore QB, starting the story off with this:

"Even if Joe Flacco seriously believes he's the best quarterback in the NFL, can anybody outside of the Baltimore Ravens' headquarters take him seriously? Didn't think so."

Flacco has no one to blame but himself in his recent comments, but he can back it up in 2012 by taking this team at least one more step past what he's done twice so far in his four seasons in the NFL. No other QB in league history has made the playoffs in his first four years and the Ravens are the only team in the NFL to have made the post season the past four years. Therefore, Joe must be doing something right.