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Joe Flacco's 2011 Highlights Video

Yesterday we posted a story detailing Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco's comments in a recent interview. In the linked story, Flacco commented that he thought he was the best QB in the league, justifying his bold statement by saying he needs to think and feel that way to be successful in the NFL.

In one of the posted comments below, frequent contributor Mr MaLoR posted a link to the YouTube video (above) featuring Flacco's highlights from the 2011 season. Watch it and see how many big throws he made all season to get the Ravens virtually one play away from the Super Bowl. Some of the throws are good in that he threw it far and accurate into the arms of a speedy receiver who ran underneath the bombs.

However, some of the most impressive throws were ones where he ignored the pocket collapsing around him, knowing that he was about to get crushed, only to throw a dart into a keyhole that most QB's in the league just could not do. Not only does he have a cannon for an arm, but his accuracy on the intermediate passes is incredible.