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SB Nation's AFC North Draft Grades

SB Nation followed the draft as well as the big boys and deserve some "big ups" on the effort. Here, in the video above, they take a gander at the AFC North, which of course includes the defending division champion Baltimore Ravens as well as three other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

They weren't huge fans of the Browns picks, disappointing as Cleveland needed to improve more than the other three teams. Everyone had them taking Alabama RB Trent Richardson but how much success will the rookie have against three of the tougher run defenses in the league, all in their division.

They really liked the Bengals draft, justifying it by taking guys who can add to their tough defense and selected with their opponents in mind. The guy who rated the Steelers draft an "A" is the Pittsburgh blogger, so what does he know, even though they did address their biggest needs on the offensive line.

Onto the Ravens, which they state, "the rich get richer," on an already stout defense. They acknowledge the Ravens drafted for need and think the team's "sleeper" pick will be Miami WR Tommy Streeter. They say it's hard to argue with a team that got bigger, stronger and faster.