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Mel Kiper Grades Ravens Draft

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper put out his grades on all the NFL teams based on their picks in the just completed 2012 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, the article is part of the pay-portion of ESPN Insider and unless you've ante'd up the bucks for the premium section, you'll just need to read this for what Kiper says about the Baltimore Ravens.

Kiper gave his highest grades to the Philadelphia Eagles (A) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (A). He gave the Cincinnati Bengals (A-) and Indianapolis Colts (A-) the next highest grades. The San Diego Chargers (B+) are next on Kiper's list, followed by a group of six teams, including the Baltimore Ravens (and Pittsburgh Steelers), with a "B" grade.

Here is what Kiper says about the Ravens 2012 draft class:

"The Ravens had a great weekend. Any time you move out of the first round, still get a guy with first-round talent, and he happens to fill your biggest need, you're happy. Courtney Upshaw isn't a gifted pass-rusher, but he does exactly what Jarret Johnson did, sealing the edge against the run. He plays with relentless energy and has the experience to start immediately. Kelechi Osemele isn't a future starter at tackle, but moved inside you might have a player at guard. Again, that's a big need. Bernard Pierce provides insurance in the run game, and Asa Jackson has a chance to stick in what's already a good secondary. No stars, but really good value at the top, and needs were hit."