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WR Tommy Streeter: An Intriguing Ravens Draft Pick

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Many Ravens fans were disappointed that the team did not use an earlier pick to address their need at wide receiver. After the draft, GM Ozzie Newsome hinted that several of their targeted players were picked before they had a chance to get them so they may have had intentions to grab another receiver earlier. However, as things worked out they ended up with Miami wide-out Tommy Streeter in the sixth round.

Streeter represents tremendous value in the sixth round as he was projected as a third round pick with potential to move up. Although not as polished as some other receivers taken earlier in the draft, Streeter has intriguing potential with his combination of size and speed. He stands 6'5" and weighs in at 219 lbs. of pure muscle.

Although he only managed six catches in his first two years in Miami, his senior year he really seemed to start to understand the game and it translated onto the field where he hauled in over 40 catches for more than 800 yards and 8 touchdowns.

The Ravens addressed several areas of need in the draft overall and added depth where it was needed. Wide receiver is the only position that everyone was surprised at the result. If Streeter can continue to develop as he did last season he could be the steal of the draft however.

There are things that can be taught and things that can't be. Speed and size are two of the things that can not be taught. Of course it will be up to Cam Cameron and John Harbaugh to correctly asses the development of the talented wide out. If they use him before he is ready it could forever stunt his development and if they keep him on the shelf for too long he may disengage with the team and lose all interest in learning all together.

He is definitely a boom or bust guy but the sixth round price tag makes it much easier to take. Only time will tell if he can become the next Plaxico Burress or the next Yamon Figurs.