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New Ravens Uniforms From Nike

New NFL uniforms by Nike
New NFL uniforms by Nike

The NFL switched apparel contracts from Reebok to Nike as of April 1st and together they unveiled the new uniforms earlier today. Most uniforms, including the Baltimore Ravens, will have little, if any, changes. Some like the Carolina Panthers will have noticeable changes while a few, like the Seattle Seahawks, will have drastic differences.

The NFL and Nike have already released fan apparel at the NFL Shop, but the uniforms were kept secret, or at least they tried to. Some sites released photos that ultimately were fake replicas, nothing like the real things. The player's gloves have been re-done, which when they are put together in a certain way, show the full logo of the team.

More specific info for each team will be released shortly, but for now the league photo from shows all 32 teams, with Ravens RB Ray Rice modeling the new uniform, although for the life of me, I cannot figure out why they put a 5'8" guy in the back row!

Here is more on each team, including full size photos of each team's uniforms, with the Ravens being modeled by Ray Rice, at Nike's Facebook page.

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