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Ravens Undrafted Free Agents: Update

We published a list of undrafted free agents late last night, referred to us through the site, That list was reported as unofficial and has proved to be just that and while we had added the disclaimer at the time of the posting, it is disappointing to see things like that put out there in such an official manner.

Now we have the official list of undrafted players signed (or agreed to terms) by the Baltimore Ravens from a slightly more "official" website known as Here are the names, positions and colleges for the newest Ravens hopefuls:

Charles Brown, CB, UNC

Lamont Bryant, TE, Morgan State

James Carmon, OL, Mississippi State

Chad Diehl, FB, Clemson

Bruce Figgins, FB, Georgia

Devin Goda, WR, Slippery Rock

Elliott Henigan, DT, UAB

Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT, Baylor

Austin Johnson, FB/LB, Tennessee

Ismaa'ily Kitchen, DT, Kent State

Alfred McCullogh, OL, Alabama

Bobby Rainey, RB, Western Kentucky

Even the NFL consider this list superfluous, as they also add the disclaimer, "This will be updated as transactions officially occur or are reported by news outlets." Other outlets continue to report conflicting information. Pro Football Talk stated in a post from Saturday evening that the Ravens have signed Florida QBJeff Brantley, so this list appears to be expected to change until we see the true official list on

(Click on the link above to see the list of undrafted free agents signed by each team in the league.)