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Baltimore Beatdown's 3-Day Draft Totals

Earlier today we put up a FanPost ('Great Day On Baltimore Beatdown') thanking the fans for coming to Baltimore Beatdown in record numbers Friday for the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. That trend continued into Saturday when rounds four through seven added additional players to the baltimore Ravens.

Despite not making a pick in the first round, fans still stuck with 'The Beatdown' to see what the team would do with the first pick. They returned on both Friday and Saturday, posting close to 5,000 comments over the three days. In addition to the posted comments, the three days resulted in 35 separate stories on the front page, as opposed to around 4-5 on a typical day.

Those 35 articles drew over 33,000 visits and 63,000 page views. The month of April numbers are around 155,000 visits and 289,000 page views with two more full days left in the month. In comparison, these number are basically double what we did during the draft last year in April 2011.

I just wanted to give one more shout-out to the loyal followers who help make this the best Baltimore Ravens blog out there, offering every fan a voice to post their thoughts and comments. Thanks again for a great weekend!