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Ravens Draft Georgia DL DeAngelo Tyson In 7th Round

The Baltimore Ravens lost veterans Cory Redding and Brandon McKinney through free agency this off season and while they have capable reserves who seem to be ready to step up and take their places, depth was an issue that the team needed to address in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Ravens waited until their final pick but filled a need by taking Georgia d-lineman DeAngelo Tyson with the 236th overall pick. Tyson was the fourth player the team picked on the defensive side of the ball, splitting the eight picks evenly between offense and defense. According to a story on, Tyson, 6'2" and 315 pounds, was a run stuffer on the interior of the defensive line but in Baltimore's 3-4 defense he is versatile to play either inside or outside.

Tyson's selection wraps up what many think was an excellent draft for the Ravens, who may have lost a few players in free agency but seemed to make it up in the draft, not only getting value and quality but addressing their needs for additional depth.