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With the 169th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, The Baltimore Ravens Select...

Asa Jackson - CB - Cal Poly

Good athletic ability, can return kicks in addition to playing corner… Is quick and has decent hips, can flip his hips and can get to a spot in a hurry… Shows good backpedal in man coverage… Can make plays on the football in the air… Shows promise in both man or zone coverage, does a

good job of understanding his responsibilities; looks better in zone coverage, does a good job of making reads high to the underneath route, this shows when he breaks off the deep route to make a play underneath… Does show promise in man coverage, and should continue to get better.

Ozzie picks up a guy to compete in the return game as well as fill in the holes left by Foxworth and Carr.

Asa Jackson College Highlights (via MrAsajackson)