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2012 NFL Draft: Best Players Remaining

Although three full rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft are in the books and most of the names familiar to the average fan gone, there are still quite a few players that could turn out to be stars and contribute on the pro level. Rounds four through seven begin at noon today and the Baltimore Ravens have the third pick of round four due to their trade out of the first round on Thursday night that already resulted in the team still being able to select Alabama outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw.

In a story on SB Nation's NFL Draft site, Mocking The Draft, they offer up a plethora of names still on the board that might interest the Ravens at some point today. With a linebacker, offensive lineman and running back already in their fold, the Ravens are known to need help at wide receiver, center and safety, much less additional depth at the other positions.

According to the story, the highest rated players at those three positions include:

Wide Receiver: Dwight Jones (UNC), Marvin McNutt (Iowa), Joe Adams (Arkansas)

Center: Ben Jones (Georgia), Michael Brewster (Ohio State), David Molk (Michigan)

Safety: Marquelle Martin (Oklahoma State), George Iloka (Boise State), Antonio Allen (South Carolina)

Click on the link to their site to see the full list of available players.