Great Day On Baltimore Beatdown

Based on the interest in the 2012 NFL Draft, fans flocked to Baltimore Beatdown yesterday in record-setting numbers. We had over 12,500 visits and almost 25,000 page views on Friday alone after having over 10,000 visits and close to 20,000 page views on Thursday, for a two-day total of around 22,500 visits and close to 45,000 page views!

With today's 4th through 7th rounds as well as the aftermath of signing undrafted free agents, the news will keep rolling in for awhile, drawing even more traffic to Baltimore Beatdown. We have already had over 270,000 page views in April with three days remaining to add to this total. In comparison, we had 144,000 last year in the month of April, so we have had a 100% increase.

This is testament to you, the loyal reader and your passion for the Baltimore Ravens and desire to share your thoughts and exchange comments with other serious fans. There is no question in my mind that we have the most knowledgeable fans out there and the opportunity to have a voice in the manner we do things here on The Beatdown gives up the best platform with fantastic support from SB Nation, which now boasts a network of over 320 sports-related blogs.

Thanks for a great day and for being part of what makes Baltimore Beatdown the best place to go for all Ravens fans!

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