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Comments From New Ravens Draft Picks

Not too long after the Baltimore Ravens selected both Alabama outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw and Iowa State offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the team's PR Department got both players on the speakerphone in the media room.

Kelechi was asked on how he sees himself fitting in with the Ravens and what he brings to the table:

"I feel like I bring a lot of competitiveness, and I feel like I bring a lot of physciality and aggression to the table. I just want to get in there and try to prove everybody wrong and try to prove the naysayers wrong. And hopefully 10 years from now, I'll still be there and playing."

When asked if he sees himself more of a left guard or if he could play tackle in Baltimore, Osemele answered:

"It really doesn't matter to me, honestly. At the Senior Bowl, I played a lot of guard, and I dominated, so regardless of where I am, I just need to be physical like I always do."

It was also interesting to also note that KO said he did not take a visit to Baltimore and the Ravens did not go to Iowa to work him out either.

(Click on the 'Jump' to read some of the comments Courtney Upshaw made to the media, as he was about to jump on a train to head to Baltimore for tomorrow's press conference introducing him)

Courtney Upshaw:

Upshaw was asked what kind of football player were the Ravens getting:

"I'm (a) tough, physical player. I feel like I'm relentless, and I get after the ball. I'm a playmaker, and at the end of the day, I'm a football player. I love the game."

While Courtney said he wasn't shocked to be drafted by the Ravens, as Baltimore was his very first visit, he wasn't too thrilled to have to wait until the second round of the draft to be picked:

"The wait was a little frustrating at times, but I'm very excited and very happy to be chosen in the second round and by the Baltimore Ravens."

Of course, the question of playing with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed had to be asked. His response:

"That's the exciting thing about it, as well. I wanted to play for Ozzie (Newsome) and Coach (John) Harbaugh, But, Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis. As a kid, most of us, I can probably speak for a lot of players, especially on the defensive side, to actually play with Ray Lewis, who you dream of being like him one day, his leadership, him and Ed (Reed) bring, and (Terrell) Suggs, everybody there. It's already a great organization, but those players make it even better."