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2012 NFL Draft: Round 2 'Open Thread'

After an extremely interesting first round last night even though the Baltimore Ravens did not make a pick, the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft figure to get really interesting, especially for Ravens fans. With the 3rd pick of the second round, Baltimore seems poised to grab one of the guys they might have snagged had they remained in the 29th slot of the first round.

Not only do they have one of the early picks in this round, they also have one of the later picks as well. In addition, the third round offers some interesting possibilities as well, so expect a great evening watching the 'Wizard of Oz,' General Manager Ozzie Newsome, work his magic.

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown for great interaction by some of the most fervent and knowledgeable Ravens fans out there. Post your comments and thoughts on both who they take right off the bat and who they might take with their next pick.