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Behind The Scenes At The Draft Telecast

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated did a story on their online site titled, "Media Circus," detailing the efforts that go on behind the scene to produce a television broadcast of an event as huge as the NFL Draft. Deitsch goes into the depths to let us know that behind ESPN's Mel Kiper and NFL Network's Mike Mayock, there is a plethora of others combining into a beehive of activity to pull off a major effort to get all the news to us, the fans.

Producers of each show on the dueling networks have been working long hours in advance of the broadcast, compiling tape on each possible draft pick, so right after their names are called, they can put up the film of the player whose name was just called. An example of what goes into this from the story is this:

"So when Luck goes in the first round, you will see Stanford information, the highlight package, and then what we call the back end with the Colts logo and all the requisite NFL information," Gavin said. "The viewer sees the great product, but we'll get upset if we missed something by a half-second. We want to make sure all the elements appear on the air and make you excited for the player you just got."