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Mike Mayock's Final NFL Mock Draft

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network put out his final 2012 NFL Mock Draft of the off season and he also has a bit of a surprise at the top of the first round. He sees the Cleveland Browns passing on the top running back in the draft (Alabama's Trent Richardson) and instead taking the top wide receiver in the group (Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon).

That causes a bit of a domino effect and changes a bunch of things from the final Mock Draft of Mel Kiper that we saw in the prior post. Certain guys go to the same teams as Kiper projected but others fall in a big way, upsetting the entire first round apple cart.

The good news is that it doesn't change a thing as far as the Baltimore Ravens are concerned. Mayock, like Kiper, also sees the Ravens getting the chance and jumping all over Alabama inside linebacker Dont'a Hightower as they sit there with the 29th pick of the first round. Not having to trade up and cost themselves additional picks to get the guy they probably wanted all along would be a huge sigh of relief to Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome and his entire scouting and coaching staff.

We will see who is right in just a few more hours.