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2012 NFL Draft: First Round 'Open Thread'

By the time the Baltimore Ravens make their pick in the first round of tonight's 2012 NFL Draft, be it at the #29 slot, a bit earlier or later via trade, or even possibly not at all, the evening will be long gone if not already into the wee early hours of Friday morning. However, despite the first two picks already being known, the rest of the first round will have a huge effect on what the Ravens end up deciding to do.

Therefore, keep it here on Baltimore Beatdown and post your thoughts and comments in this first round 'Open Thread.' In addition, follow the first ten picks to see how you have done in the Baltimore Beatdown NFL Draft Contest. As soon as the Ravens either make a move or a pick, we will get that up in a post as well as the specific player selected.

Baltimore Beatdown will be at the Ravens Owings Mills Training Facility following the entire first round of the draft. The reactions of the team's front office and coaching staff will be brought to you as soon as their press conferences are over. This will be continued for the second round as well on Friday evening, as The Beatdown will be front and center for all the inside Ravens news for discussion here amongst the best and most knowledgeable fans on the best Ravens site on the internet.