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NFL Draft Odds

Thanks to RJ Bell of, they've come up with the player odds of being the #1 through #10 selections in Thursday's NFL Draft. This could easily guide you through to victory in the Baltimore Beatdown NFL Draft Contest, although be forewarned that there is always a surprise top ten pick every year that will throw of the rest of the first round if not the entire draft.

Check out their best bet to be picked at each of the first ten positions and after the 'Jump' are more of their draft odds:

Player with best odds to be . . .

#1 pick: Andrew Luck (so certain can’t bet on)
#2 pick: Robert Griffin III (so certain can’t bet on)
#3 pick: Matt Kalil
#4 pick: Trent Richardson
#5 pick: Morris Claiborne
#6 pick: Justin Blackmon
#7 pick: Melvin Ingram
#8 pick: Ryan Tannehill
#9 pick: Fletcher Cox
#10 pick: Riley Reiff

Draft odds . . .

20% chance of FOUR or more QBs taken in the first round.

23% chance Minnesota Vikings will trade #3 pick.

32% chance THREE or more LSU players taken in the first round.

45% chance Mike Adams will be drafted in the first round.

46% chance SIX or more linebackers will be taken in the first round.

50% chance Ryan Tannehill will be the 8th pick in the draft.

62% Brandon Weeden will be drafted #37 or later.

68% chance only ONE running back taken in the first round.

72% chance of FIVE or more Alabama players taken in the first round.

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