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Still More On Vontaze Burfict

Recently, more than a couple of seven-round Mock Drafts have seen the Baltimore Ravens taking on the questionable talents of Arizona State ILB Vontaze Burfict. He's been projected to be going to Baltimore anywhere from their Compensatory Pick at the end of the fourth round to their final pick in round seven. At one time, he was even thought to be targeted by the team as early as their 29th pick of the first round. However, a disappointing NFL Scouting Combine followed by a just as disappointing Pro Day has seen his stock drop faster than a Secret Service man's trousers at a pre-presidential visit in South America.

Damond Talbot from SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, Mocking The Draft, had a chance to get an exclusive interview with the troubled linebacker and it's definitely worth the reading. Talbot also did a background story on Vontaze, detailing his family, upbringing, high school and journey through his college career. You'll read the words, albeit the thought that they might have been scripted by his representatives does definitely merit a wonder, of a young man who terribly regrets some immaturity and lack of responsibility for not only his Combine and Pro Day shortcomings, but also his out-of-control play at times on the field. One good thing is that Burfict has never been in trouble with the law through all of his other personal issues.

At the same time, you will realize his issues are definitely ones that can be controlled if not corrected and eliminated in the right locker room. That is where the thought of the Ravens drafting him, as his idol is Ray Lewis and between Ray, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and crew, he could be developed into a pro player that one day could look back att he other 31 teams that did not see the person behind the issues.