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2012 NFL Draft Prospects: Inside Linebackers

The best two inside linebackers in the the 2012 NFL Draft are without a doubt Boston College's Luke Kuechly and Alabama's Dont'a Hightower. Kuechly figures to be of the board well before the Ravens pick and there is a better than average chance that Hightower is as well. However, Hightower should last long enough for the Ravens to consider trading up to grab the guy who would be the picture-perfect future replacement for Ray Lewis.

His size, speed, college background and the link between his and GM Ozzie Newsome's alma mater, might be enough for the team to be willing to give up additional picks for the right to not only get him for the Ravens, but keep him out of the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are in need if an inside linebacker to fill an obvious void there.

Click on the video above to see the profiles of both Kuechly and Hightower compliments of SB Nation's YouTube Channel.