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2012 NFL Draft Prospects: 4-3 Defensive Ends

Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens has been the leading pass rusher on the team for years. A few of the other players have put up in the neighborhood of 5-6 sacks per season to complement Suggs' double-digit totals, but that still has not been enough to satisfy critics.

A solid pass rusher is on the Ravens' radar in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft beginning on Thursday evening. The top four 4-3 defensive ends in this draft class are North Carolina's Quinton Coples, Alabama's Courtney Upshaw, South Carolina's Melvin Ingram and Illinois' Whitney Mercilus. The last three are also going to be considered at OLB in 3-4 defensive schemes.

Check out all four player's profiles in the video above, compliments of SB Nation's YouTube Channel.