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Ravens Draft Tracker: Jerel Worthy

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Jerel Worthy DT, Michigan State. 6'2" 308 lbs.

As we have repeatedly stated the Ravens will need to add some depth at the defensive line position. This years draft is stocked full of defensive lineman so Baltimore should be able to take advantage of that and add a quality defender in the first couple of rounds.

According to a story on 04/05/12 NFL DRAFT SCOUT FALLER: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State: This year's defensive tackle class is loaded with depth at all levels of the draft, however, the picture is unclear at the top. Some consider Michael Brockers the top player at his position, while others prefer Fletcher Cox or Dontari Poe. A name who is also being mentioned among the best defensive tackles, Worthy does face strong concerns about his hand use and functional strength to anchor at the point of attack and consistently get off blocks and double teams. He has superb snap anticipation off the snap to win the gap and penetrate the pocket, but if he isn't able to get a quick first step off the ball then too many times he is a non-factor on the play. With this in mind, it will be tough for a team to pull the trigger on the defensive tackle in the first round. - Dane Brugler,

Here is analysis on Worthy from Chad Reuter:

Pass rush: May not put up huge sack numbers, but is a constant thorn in a quarterback's side in pass rush situations. Swims past lesser linemen with a shake and quick, violent hands. Closes on the passer in a hurry once free. Will sometimes line up a half-yard off the line to give himself room to make his move. Does not split doubles regularly or have a great bull rush, often giving up after initial contact.

Run defense: Packs power and has quick feet to handle one or two-gap run defense responsibilities in the box. Tough to move, stands up blockers when anchoring against the run. Brings down backs from behind within the box and straight up the middle, but does not regularly chase plays downfield or towards the sideline. Spins off blocks but doesn't have elite change of direction to reach quicker backs going through the hole once he's left it. Gets caught up in his man chest at times, failing to get off to make a play. Quick backs elude him easily in the hole. Avoids cut tackles to stay upright, but lacks quick acceleration to get into plays away from him.

Explosion: Impressive explosiveness off the snap, shocks his man with a strong initial punch and can also out-quick him to get into the backfield. Quick to get low, create a pile in goal lone situations. Gets too worried about contact or penetrating a gap that sometimes forgets to find the ball.

Strength: Already excelling in this area, should get even stronger in a pro strength and conditioning program. Strong hands allow him to shed lineman in either direction to catch backs coming into his area; consistency in using them could be improved, however. Once he gets a guard on skates, puts them into the quarterback. Takes his man backwards when slanting, also effective occupying two men on twists to free up the end.

Tackling: Limited area of coverage results average tackle numbers for the position. Swallows up ballcarriers in the box with length and superior upper-body strength, though, leading teams to stay away from inside runs. Closes well on quarterbacks and running backs in the backfield and rarely gets go of ballcarriers once making contact. Has enough agility and athleticism to grab backs from behind after a strong swim move.

Intangibles: His stamina and conditioning will be a concern for scouts unless improvements are made. Vocal on and off the field; points out potential hot receivers and run plays to teammates before the snap, something you don't see many interior linemen do.

--Chad Reuter