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Vote For Top 100 Players Of 2012

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When the Top 100 Players of 2011 came out, the Baltimore Ravens had a bunch of players on the list, led by Ray Lewis at #4 and Ed Reed at #5. Lewis and Reed were the two highest rated defensive players in the league on this list, as the top three were all from the offensive side of the ball.

When the 2012 list is finally revealed, expect to see both Ray and Ed still among the top 100, but it seems doubtful that they will be anywhere nearly as highly-ranked, and probably fans will see Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata and Ray Rice above them in the rankings.

You can go vote for the players you think deserve to be at or near the top of this year's list, over at They are putting up random combinations of players for you to vote for one or the other and your list gets automatically populated. When I tried it for around 50 random comparisons, a lot of the Ravens players came up for the vote, including one where Ray Lewis was up against Joe Flacco (sorry Joe, I still voted for Ray).

Check it out and post your top vote getters in the comments section below (mine were Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson, Lewis and Flacco (I'm sort of biased).