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Baltimore Ravens 2012 NFL Mock Draft Scenario #7

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Trades (All based on 2012 trade value chart)

  • Baltimore’s 2nd (61st) for New York Giants’ 2nd (63rd) and 5th (167th)

1. - Donta Hightower - ILB - 6'2" 260 lbs - Alabama

2. from NYG) - Bruce Irvin - OLB - 6'3" 245 lbs - West Virginia

3. - Markelle Martin - FS - 6'1" 207 - Oklahoma St.

4. Comp) - Joe Adams - WR - 5'11" 179 lbs - Arkansas

5. - Lucas Nix - OG - 6'5" 317 lbs - Pittsburgh

5. from NYG) - Ronald Leary - OG - 6'3" 315 lbs - Memphis

5. Comp) - Akeim Hicks - NT - 6'5" 320 lbs - Regina

6. - Olivier Vernon - DE - 6'2" 261 lbs - Miami

7. - Lamont Bryant - TE - 6'5" 225 - Morgan St.

Notes on the picks

Donta Hightower

Bruce Irvin

Markelle Martin

  • After losing two quality role players and special teams guys to Free Agency in Ruki and Zbi, Ozzie takes advantage of a quality FS falling due to some injury concerns. Good read and react player who's stock should be on the rise after 2 dominating bowl performances the last 2 years.
  • NFL Network - Draft Profile
  • vs. Arizona 2011
  • vs. Texas 2011

Joe Adams

  • Everyone knows that one of the top needs for Baltimore is a return specialist, and that is exactly what Adams is. He is not exactly the type of WR we are looking for on offense, but could still be good enough to make some dynamic plays for us. His return ability however, is unquestioned.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout
  • Highlights 1
  • Craziest return ever.

Lucas Nix

  • With too many other good players at Ozzie's first 4 selections, he makes the move finally on a guard. Nix is one of the better run-blocking guards in the draft and did wonders for the Pittsburgh offense after he switched from RT to RG.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout

Ronald Leary

  • With very little depth behind Yanda at Guard for the Ravens, Ozzie decides to double dip in back to back picks at the position with the selection of Nix and now Leary. Leary is one of the most versatile O-Lineman in this draft. He started his career as a LT, but eventually moved to LG where he has since flourished. Leary has started in 36 consecutive games for the Tigers. One of my favorite Guard prospects in this draft.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout

Akeim Hicks

  • Hicks is a small school product who put up 8 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks in 2011 playing mostly from the DT position and seeing constant double teams. With a little work, he could very well make the switch to 3-4DE and provide depth on passing downs. He is very similar to Art Jones when he came out.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout
  • 2011 Highlights

Oliver Vernon

  • Vernon is a possible sleeper in this draft. He had one of the better athletic performances at the combine, along with a strong 2011 season for The Hurricanes. Baltimore needs depth at both DT and DE, and Vernon would provide that alongside Hicks.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout
  • vs. Florida St. 2011

Lamont Bryant

  • With Ozzie's last pick, he stays local and chooses the enormous TE out of the Baltimore school. A former dual threat QB in high school, Bryant has elite athleticism that could translate to him being a big WR in the future.