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Ravens-Redskins: Two Games In One Day

Stadium Journey took a look at the recently released schedule and put together 15 Great Weekend Trip Ideas Based on the 2012 NFL Schedule. They put together what they think are the top trips to take for a football junkie that gets them the most bang for their buck in terms of the quality of the games and the proximity to each other.

The third week of the season brings them to the mid-Atlantic region and therefore to the Baltimore-Washington corridor. While the other 14 trip ideas are based on games held on successive days (Sunday & Monday), that week they find themselves presenting us with the opportunity to watch two games on the same day. The Washington Redskins host the Cincinnati Bengals at 1pm at FedEx Field.

Later that same night, the Baltimore Ravens host the New England Patriots at 8pm in Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium. The two stadiums are only 40 miles apart, so that once the first game is over, you can just jump in the car and shoot up Interstate 95 with more than enough time to spare for another tailgating party in advance of the prime-time game.

Two NFL games in one day sounds like a great idea. The only tough thing to do will be having to root for the Redskins, because they are facing the Ravens' AFC North rival Bengals.