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Baltimore Beatdown NFL Draft Contest

Baltimore Ravens Draft Day Cap (New Era)
Baltimore Ravens Draft Day Cap (New Era)

Think you know your NFL draft stuff pretty good, huh? Know that no matter what people think they know, from Mel Kiper to Todd McShay to Mike Mayock, there always are those draft day surprises that no one seems to see coming and this year figures to be that way as well. However, if you are better than everyone else, they you can enter and win prizes in Baltimore Beatdown's NFL Draft Contest.

There will be two chances to win, with two contests that should have you follow the entire draft, not just the first round. Pick the first three players the Baltimore Ravens will draft by name and position and if you get them correct, you win. Simple, isn't it. Of course, it must be the three guys by name, not just position. However, if there is a tie, then the position will be the tie-breaker in the event the name is incorrect but the position is right. Add in a fourth name and position for an addition tie-breaker.

For the second contest, pick the first ten players picked in order from #1 through #10, regardless of what team selects as there could definitely be movement in positioning through last-second trades. You should already know at least the top two names off the board,so this should be pretty easy if things go as most people expect, right? Wrong.

Rules" We don't need no stinking rules! But seriously, folks. The deadline for entering the contest is your entry time posted no later than 6pm on Thursday, April 26. One entry per person. Questions? Good luck,