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Brian Billick Knows How To Draft A QB?

Joe Flacco & Kyle Boller: 8/28/08 (photo credits: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE)
Joe Flacco & Kyle Boller: 8/28/08 (photo credits: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE)

Every time I either read, hear or see former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick analyzing a QB on the NFL Network, I chuckle, thinking what did he ever do with this franchise to develop an effective quarterback in his term here? However, because he is a Super Bowl winning coach, he gets a pass and the respect to be able to give his assessment on any player he wants.

The icing on the cake now is the story posted recently, titled, "How to draft a quarterback: The Kyle Boller experience." In the story, Billick explains his reasoning behind drafting Boller with the 19th pick in the first round of the 2003 draft. In the space on one short paragraph, Billick details the drafting of Boller, his career and both Kyle and his own demise in Baltimore:

"Eventually, we were able to secure the New England Patriots' first-round pick, the 19th overall, which we used to take Boller. Within a couple of years, we learned that Boller's inaccuracy was not solely a result of the poor receivers at Cal, but also Kyle's occasional nervousness in the pocket, which forced his fundamentals to falter at critical times, and has left him a sub-60 percent completion guy thus far in his career.

So it didn't work out for Boller, or for me."