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Alabama Draft Prospects Scouting Reports

SB Nation has accumulated scouting reports on a growing list of NFL draft prospects on their YouTube video channel. Five of their players figure to go early, if not in the first round. There is a decent chance that all five may be gone before the Baltimore Ravens draft at the 29th position of the first round. Of course, there is always a chance that former 'bama and current Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome may decide to trade up to get one.

For realistic purposes, there is pretty much zero chance that RB Trent Richardson will be there when the Ravens pick, nor would they trade up to get him, so for this story, we'll leave his report out of it. At the same time, while there is never such a thing as too many good cornerbacks, we'll leave Dre Kirkpatrick out as well. The other three members of the national champion Crimson Tide have all been mentioned as great fits with the Ravens, so here are the scouting reports with accompanying video from SB Nation.

Full Dont'a Hightower Scouting Report

(Check out Dont'a Hightower's video above and click on the 'Jump' to see Courtney Upshaw's and Mark Barron's)

Full Courtney Upshaw Scouting Report

Full Mark Barron Scouting Report

For more on these guys as well as most of the other names in the 2012 NFL Draft, visit SB Nation's full-service draft site, Mocking The Draft.