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Ravens-Steelers Movie Trailer

Ravens vs. Steelers (photo credits: Charles LeClair-US PRESSWIRE)
Ravens vs. Steelers (photo credits: Charles LeClair-US PRESSWIRE)

It's good to know that even the NFL acknowledges the rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers is the most intense in the league. To help you get ready for the resumption of these twice-a-season street fights, has put together a Ravens-Steelers Movie Trailer prepping us fans for what we will be seeing two times in three weeks beginning on November 18th, when the two teams face each other for the first time in the 2012 season.

The trailer starts off with the green screen stating, "the following preview has been approved for all football fans." Knowing the intensity of this rivalry, perhaps it should add an additional disclaimer, something to the tune of, "lock your women and children in their rooms." Well,to be fair, perhaps just the younger children.

The video shows highlights that will make both teams happy and sad, depending on which side of the ball you are rooting for in the specific highlight. Comments from players such as, "they don't like us and we damn for sure don't like them!" The video ends with of course, Ray Lewis preaching to his teammates, "Let's make this the most physical game they ever played in their life!"