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Please Sir May I have Some More... Kyle Boller?

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That's right, the Baltimore Ravens are trying out veteran quarterback Kyle Boller.

Trying out for what? You may ask. My guess has got to be practice squad quarterback. Or maybe Boller has bulked up a bit and is now looking to play guard.

The Baltimore Ravens, one of the best organizations in all of sports, can not be seriously entertaining the idea of bringing back possibly the biggest draft bust in the history of the team. Can they?

Boller represents nothing but bad memories for most Ravens fans. He was almost single-handedly responsible for the end of Brian Billicks' coaching career. Billick put all of his eggs in the Boller basket and never recovered. Not to say that's what we are doing now but why try to remind everyone in Baltimore of a time spent in offensive ineptitude. In his time in Baltimore, precious years of having the most dominant defense in the league were wasted, as he played quarterback from the fetal position. Tight end Todd Heap spent the majority of those years on IR due to Boller leading him into middle linebackers with his ill advised passes over the middle.

I understand that the team will most likely need a third string quarterback in case Joe Flacco and Tyrod Taylor both go down with injuries but wouldn't it be better to just draft some guy in the seventh round or even pick someone up in free agency after the draft? I mean, at least then there is the possibility that they could one day be, at least, mediocre. At least bring in someone who has thrown more touchdowns than interceptions over the last few years.

Maybe it's a money thing. Boller could be willing to hold a clip board for less than anyone else out there. I just think that every position on the roster should have some sort of value to it. If the team is going to go with three quarterbacks this year, let's get someone with something to offer.

Tyrod Taylor has built up quite a reputation for quickly understanding the system and being above and beyond what the coaches expected from day one. Plus he has quite a different game than Joe Flacco. He can be used on trick plays and make plays with his legs or his arm. That is great, we have a quality back up that the coaching staff has confidence in.

Now, if the Ravens think that they need a third quarterback as well, shouldn't they bring in someone that can, not only teach our young quarterbacks, but actually have some talent as well? How about an aging veteran like we did with Marc Bulger. Someone that has something to help the team even if he is not playing.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but I just don't see how bringing back Kyle Boller will make the Ravens a better football team in any way. Unless they just want someone to throw deep balls from their knees in practice to Torrey Smith. Then they have their guy. I just don't see this as a move that a team one step away from the Super Bowl makes. They can get value from someone in this position, but it's not Kyle Boller!