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Who Would You Pick?

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Having studied all the mock drafts I could find over the past few weeks there are three players that have been linked to the Ravens more than any others. Wisconsin center Peter Konz, Alabama linebacker, Dont'a Hightower and Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill.

Most likely two of these players will be gone by the time the Ravens pick at 29, if not all three. For arguments sake however, let's suppose they are all three available for Baltimore. This could create some tough decisions for the team.

The reasons these three players have been linked to the Ravens is pretty obvious. They represent the best players, that could still be around, at the teams three biggest positions of need. Except for safety, in which there is a steep talent drop off after top ranked Mark Barron who will most likely be gone by this time. Todd McShay seems to think that the Ravens may have Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith in their cross hairs at 29 but I think that would be a bit of a reach.

In this scenario I'm sure the first thing they would do is look to find a trade partner to move back a few spots and hope that one of them would still be around. It may be hard to find the right suitor because I'm sure they would not want to move too far back and risk missing out on all three.

Any one of these players could immediately help Baltimore. Konz is thought to be an immediate replacement for Ben Grubbs at guard and perhaps the eventual replacement for Matt Birk at center. Hightower could come in and start at outside linebacker in the spot vacated by Jarret Johnson and eventually move back to the inside to take over for Ray Lewis when he retires.

Hill, on the other hand, may be the biggest question mark. He could possibly help the team the most or be a complete waist of a first round pick. He has all the physical tools to be a top flight NFL receiver but he played in such a different style of offense in college it is hard to see how his skills will translate. If drafted he would immediately be the favorite for the 3rd receiver spot, with hope that he could line up wide with Torrey Smith and move Anquan Boldin back to the slot. Hill could also potentially compete for the kick off return job.