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Ravens' Harbaugh Rated 5th Best Coach

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After only four years as an NFL head coach, the Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh was ranked as the league's 5th best coach in a story over at Analyst Elliot Harrison has Harbaugh behind (in descending order), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers), Tom Coughlin (New York Giants) and Bill Belichick (New England Patriots).

John is also two spots in front of his brother, John (San Francisco 49ers), who sits just behind Andy Reid (Philadelphia Eagles). No offense to the Harbaugh family, as it's tough to argue what John has done in Baltimore over his first four years, being the only head coach in the league to make the post season the past four years in a row. However, for Jim to make it after his rookie year, regardless of the amazing turnaround he engineered last season, seems to be a bit of a reach.

At the same time, regardless of his overall coaching history, Andy Reid's team was perhaps the biggest bust in the league last season, making one wonder if he is as good a coach as he's been given credit for. The same should go for Rex Ryan (New York Jets), who also bombed last year after making the AFC Championship Game his first two years as a head coach.

After all, this is just one person's opinion and while flawed in many aspects in this writer's opinion, the ranking of the Ravens leader makes it all relatively acceptable, especially with the confidence that this team is poised for another deep run in this coming season's playoffs.