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SB Nation Writer's Mock Draft: Round 2

The SB Nation Writer's Mock Draft is well into round two and the Baltimore Ravens pick is due Wednesday and will post next Monday. Like it or not, I took Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler with the Ravens first pick and while it might have been too early for that selection, this mock draft has no trading allowed, as I would have definitely moved back for additional picks and probably could have gotten Zeitler near the top part of the second round.

So I am now asking the readership of Baltimore Beatdown to help a brother out and give me a few names that you would like to see me consider selecting if still on the board when the Ravens pick comes up. Check out the current progress as each pick is posted over at SB Nation's NFL Draft site, Mocking The Draft.

Since the pick for the Ravens 2nd round selection is due long before it is posting in order to keep the draft flowing, it may be difficult to guarantee the guy we want is still available so I will need to provide not only my pick for the Ravens, but a backup or two just in case one of the teams ahead of Baltimore snatches that guy before we can grab him. So give me a name or two and your justification behind the recommendation.