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Where Is JaMarcus Russell Now?

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Sports Illustrated published a story titled, 'The Man Who Isn't There," in a recent issue about JaMarcus Russell, easily the biggest draft bust in NFL history. Russell was the number one overall pick of the Oakland Raiders in the 2007 draft and is now virtually forgotten by the NFL, although he is still a very wealthy man.

According to the story, JaMarcus prefers to be left alone and despite enjoying the benefits that $39 million brings with it, still feels the need to defend himself. Hanging out at a local barbershop in Mobile, Alabama, the former LSU star finds a welcome group to sit with as he gets his head shaved on a regular basis.

Russell warns the assembled gawkers in the barbershop, "there's gonna be some cursing," in defending himself against the charges of the issues that led from him being the Raider's savior at quarterback, but ended in embarrassment for both JaMarcus as well as the team.It's a long article but well worth reading about the guy who displaced QB Ryan Leaf as the biggest miss in NFL draft history.

Ironically, former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick said Russell was the highest rated player on their draft board and while the team which finished 13-3 the prior year knew they didn't have a shot of getting him, still felt he was going to be an NFL star. Check out this story at